Music Hack Day: Music Hack Day Newspaper

Le Journal du Music Hack Day proposé par la team Music Hack Day pour mettre en avant participants, bénévoles….

“To celebrate the eighth Music Hack Day we wanted to somehow document all the amazing people and projects that had been brought together by the event. And we thought a newspaper might be the perfect way to do that. Thanks to the clever people over at The Newspaper Club we were able to print a short run and hand them out on the weekend to all attendees. Having our own newspaper delivered to the offices of The Guardian somehow felt quite ironic! But for those of you who weren’t there (or didn’t take one away with you) we’ve decided to put an electronic version up for your perusal. Click the button to view in full screen, settle down with a cup of coffee and let us know what you think!”

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About Virginie Berger

Virginie Berger est la fondatrice de DBTH (, agence spécialisée en stratégie et business développement notamment international pour les industries créatives (musique, TV, ciné, gastronomie), et les startups creative-tech. Elle est aussi l'auteur du livre sur "Musique et stratégies numériques" publié à l'Irma. Sur twitter: @virberg

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