Les Must Read en marketing digital (freemium, metrics, viral, produits..)

Qu’est ce que c’est qu’un must read? un article qui me semble primordial à lire pour mieux comprendre l’environnement actuel.
Cette liste de posts sur le marketing digital est complètement subjective. Et elle est en anglais. Mais vous pourrez certainement y retrouver des sujets qui vous interessent.
Je n’ai pas fait cette liste. Elle vient de chez Andrew Chen. Je l’ai lu et relu depuis des années, ce sont des basiques, et impossible de choisir entre des thématiques.

  • Viral marketing et user acquisition

La croissance de votre base d’utilisateurs est un défi essentiel. Ces articles se focalisent sur comment optimiser votre base utilisateurs:

  What’s your viral loop? Understanding the engine of adoption

  Adwords is not enough for success on the consumer web

  Are your SEO efforts working, or failing?

  Bridging your traffic engine with your revenue engine

  How to calculate cost-per-acquisition for startups relying on freemium, subscription, or virtual items biz

  Is your site really viral? Viral Branding versus Viral Action

  Social network marketing: Getting from zero to critical mass

  Viral marketing is not a marketing strategy

  10 obvious strategies to ruthlessly acquire users

  Growing renewable audiences (a talk at O’Reilly Alphatech Ventures)

  Go-to-market strategies for vertical social products

  • Engagement et product design

Ces articles portent sur le processus de la création de l’expérience en se basant sur l’analyse du comportement. En effet, on ne fournit plus un produit au consommateur, mais on lui apporte une nouvelle expérience.

 Are people like lab rats? Using reward schedules to drive engagement

 10 signs you’re a product fanatic

 25 reasons users STOP using your product: An analysis of customer lifecycle

 Do you ever say, “MySpace is sooo ugly?” This blog’s for you…

 Does Facebook reflect your true friendships? How about e-mail

 Facebook Apps: Why they’re focused on fun instead of utility

 Friends versus Followers: Twitter’s elegant design for grouping contacts

 Is your website a leaky bucket? 4 scenarios for user retention

 Public and private spaces, and why YouTube comments are so awful

 Social gaming design – Bartle types versus Web 2.0 participation pyramid

 Social network death spiral: How Metcalfe’s Law can work against you

 Social design explosion: Polls, quizzes, reviews, forums, oh my!

 Talk to your target customer in 4 easy steps

 Technology always changes, but people always stay the same

 The design of social spaces

 User retention: Why depending on notification-driven retention sucks

 Users, customers, or audience – what do you call the people that visit your site?

 Why your friends list gets polluted over time

 Why you should make it easy for users to quit your product

 Your site will succeed or fail in the first 10 seconds

  • Freemium et online ad monetization

Ces articles se focalisent sur des problématiques clé comme les ARPUs,  les conversions, les taux CPM, les datas comportementals, les business models….

 3 key ideas from a recent Freemium dinner conversation

 5 factors that determine your advertising CPM rates

 5 things that make your social network monetize like crap

 7 ideas for billion dollar startups in online advertising

 App monetization: Gambit launches, funnel metrics, and ARPU versus “CPM”

 Data portability: Is the social network data you’re hoarding treasure or trash?

 Counting your big pile of Benjamins: 5 startup tips for maximizing ad revenue

 Creating value versus optimizing revenue

 Free to Freemium: 5 lessons learned from YouSendIt.com

 Freemium case study: AdultFriendFinder ARPU, churn, and conversion rates

 How to create a profitable Freemium startup (spreadsheet model included!)

 How NOT to calculate ad revenue

 Online advertising during a recession: 5 key trends for ad-based startups

 Vertical ad networks: What are they, and why did Cox just buy Adify for $300MM?

 Virtual goods summit video, The Whirled Case Study: metrics for the virtual goods business

 What’s the value of a user on your site? Why it’s hard to calculate lifetime value for social network audiences

 Your ad-supported Web 2.0 site is actually a B2B enterprise in disguise

 “Stealing MySpace” and my personal experience monetizing MySpace ads

 Super Rewards and the leadgen side of Facebook virtual currency – can it last?

 emnant ads and the advertisers who love them

 Ad targeting talk from Community Next: People Not Pages (updated x2)

 Revenue, ARPU, Funnels, and RPM: My talk from Startonomics on Revenue metrics

 Ad-based versus direct monetization: Which one is better for you?

 What would Facebook look like if it sold out to ads? Click here to see…

 Will social payment platforms really work long-term? (Guest post by Jay Weintraub)

  • Metrics

Sans metrics et data, nous sommes aveugles. Ces articles portent sur l’organisation et le développement des données – ce qu’il faut mesurer, dans quel ordre, et comment les appliquer.

  5 warning signs: Does A/B testing ead to crappy products?

  5 steps towards building a metrics-driven business

  Benefit-Driven Metrics: Measure the lives you save, not the life preservers you sell

  The first 6 steps to homegrowing basic startup analytics

  Are you misusing Alexa numbers? (Probably)

  Lessons from the casino industry on engagement metrics and lifetime value

  Obama and McCain: How political marketing has evolved from offline to online

  omg I’m just a startup, I can’t do those fancy analytics!

  Recency Frequency and Monetization (RFM): Optimizing your notifications strategy

  How to measure if users love your product using cohorts and revisit rates

  How to generate awesome test candidates for A/B testing

  Why metrics-driven startups overlook brand value

  • Evolution de l’industrie de l’entertainment

Les médias traditionnels, notamment la télévision, la musique, les jeux et les films sont à un carrefour. Voici quelques réflexions sur la manière dont l’industrie se transforme et évolue.

  From analog dollars to digital pennies: The crisis in traditional media

  Game design tutorial at the GDC

  MySpace versus Facebook: Analysis of both traffic and ad revenue, using Google Trends

  What every Web 2.0 entrepreneur should know about virtual goods

  Social Gaming Summit: Recap and observations

  Early adopters vs the Mainstream: Google Insights points out websites only used by Silicon Valley nerds

  YouTube vs Webkinz: Case studies for new product adoption

  Prosper.com and peer-to-peer lending in the economic downturn

  4 major cultural differences between Games people and Web people

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