Virginie Berger is the founder of  DBTH, a French agency based in Paris that represents and develops French and international businesses in innovative services, technologies and creative industries, that are looking to develop and expand its companies in the French market, Western Europe and emerging territories.

We represent and develop international businesses, (including artists since they are businesses afterall!) in technology, entertainment and new media. Our current clients range from independent artists to social media marketing tech, mobile apps, social network and also digital platforms as well.

Virginie is a long-time advisor with vast experience founding, scaling, and operating both start-ups and large organizations globally, as well as a deep expertise connecting new technologies with brands, partners and new audiences.

Virginie is also involved with The European Union, EUNIC and the Bristish Council, in order to provide digital knowledge and resources to help creative people and organizations in the Middle East and Africa. With the EU, she is working on the “Digital Single Market” & crowdfunding.

She has more than 15 years of experience. From 1998-2009, she held various senior roles at Microsoft, NRJ and MySpace, where she joined early in the company’s launch in France as the Head of Marketing and Content.

DBTH acts as an interface between the internet, media, culture, politics and all things digital.

DBTH is specialized in building value for international creative/brands/digital entertainment entering France/Europe by leveraging partnerships, new media, web, social technology. We also work with creative structures and start-ups on their international development, and more specifically within emerging territories.

Thanks to our vast international business network, we offer creatives/brands/start-ups comprehensive methodology, sales, marketing, communication and operational strategies and are able to reduce risks/costs and increase sales and maximize profits.

Our current clients range from creative industries, marketing, tech, mobile apps, innovative services, digital distributors, institutions and governmental organizations. DBTH heavily relies on its experience, and its directors’ and partners’ experiences, in conducting and developing business within the markets, legal and financial frameworks. Furthermore, DBTH also benefits from its extensive network in France, Western Europe, Japan, North America and emerging territories (Jordan, Senegal, Nigeria).

With more than 15 years of global market experience, and internationalization, DBTH is an expert in trans-cultural development and investment.

Virginie Berger, founder of the Agency also offers training courses, lectures, workshops and conferences. She collaborates with many publications such as the MIDEMMusic InfoNoomiz and presents a music marketing progam and leads a debate “Let’s Remake Music” about the music industry on Radio Néo. She also wrote for Midem, Musique Info, Noomiz, Music Think Tank or Techdirt.

Virginie is the author of “Music and Digital Strategies published by Irma. She also founded the website “Don’t Believe The Hype”, a non-profit making and independent website meant to help artists understand, evolve and emancipate inside the current musical environment.

Virginie Berger is also  the host of radio show «On refait la musique» (“Music re-loaded” N.o.T.) on Radio Neo.

She is also a professor in digital strategies appearing at numerous conventions and universities, and a guest lecturer and a speaker about digital marketing and strategies in many conferences all over the world.

Find her on @virberg or contact her contact (at) dbth . fr