DBTH was founded to provide media relations, strategy, and networking to amazingly cool people and companies in the creative space. Our key words: Discover . Develop. Disrupt.

The Agency focuses on creative and marketing strategies and development to accompany individual artists, cultural industries and emerging entertainment technologies.  We are also specialized in building value for international brands entering France/ Europe by leveraging new media, web, mobile, and social technology.
We support structures in their international development (Europe, Middle East and emerging music markets).

DBTH builds each time an adapted and tailored strategy to his clients (creative people, cultural and creative industries and emerging tech) even in the operational implementation : marketing strategy, development, digital strategy and online presence, promotion and communication, business development, International.

The Agency aims at offering its know-how and skills to players of the creative industries from various backgrounds and areas, and providing the best conditions for them to be able to focus on their main activity.

Thanks to its presence at every stage and its close proximity to all of the industry figureheads, DBTH is able to address the needs of the whole ecosystem: from content creators to content distributors.

The Agency also provides services as label management to artists ”entrepreneurs” and to their professional network (manager, producer, label, distributor). It means DBTH supply independent artists with distribution, marketing, promotion, management and publicity.

Virginie Berger, founder of the Agency also offers training courses, lectures, workshops and conferences. @virberg

DBTH is also the editor of Don’t Believe the Hype (virginieberger.com), a website specialized in music marketing

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Our services: http://dbth.fr/en/offer/

Where you can reach Virginie: contact (at) dbth.fr , http://dbth.fr/en/where-is-virginie/, http://dbth.fr/en/contact-us/